Developer Changelog – August 2016

Developer Note: The features listed below may be changed and/or removed at any point in the development process.

Game Features

  • Added new Health Pack “Weapon“(Note: It’s not actually a weapon)
  • Added new Ammo Pack “Weapon“(Note: It’s not actually a weapon)
  • Added new strafing animations for rifle sprinting
  • Added new Grenade system
  • Added class select UMG, prepared for class selection
  • Added class selection UI
  • Class based load-outs with weapon switching implemented
  • New “capture/channeling points” implemented for [REDACTED] game mode.
  • Added [SP] demo campaign level and meshes
  • [Launcher] Added alert section for announcements
  • [Launcher] Added “Server Status” browser
  • [Launcher] Added user authentication in front of main launcher options
  • [Launcher] Implemented “Bug Report” module

  • Non-team members are no longer able to enter the opposing team’s ship as passengers/pilots/gunners (Note: Only applies to playable vehicles)
  • Health and ammo packs must now be dropped for a minimum of 0.4 seconds before being able to be picked up
  • Health and ammo packs set to only affect team members
  • Increased overall efficiency of all packs
  • [Launcher] Removed Community Forums option
  • [Launcher] Increased SP & MP launch button sizes
  • [Launcher] Cleaned up overall UI

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a bug in the isfocushable node
  • Various minor bugs
  • [Launcher] Fixed a bug that caused the launcher to crash when authenticating user accounts
  • Fixed various bugs in the dedicated GiT launcher