Developer Changelog – July 2016

Developer Note: The features listed below may be changed and/or removed at any point in the development process.


  • Medical/Healing Robot implemented
  • Ammo Pack Implemented
  • Health Pack Implemented
  • First pseudocode of “In combat mode” added
  • New test weapon based on insta-hit
  • Combat mode fully implemented and working
  • Added First pseudocode of “Destroyable MedicRobot”
  • Added First pseudocode of “Repair tool” for vehicles
  • Added various Whiteboard algorithms for efficiency
  • In Combat system fully implemented
  • Added the ability to switch camera to over either shoulder in third-person
  • First pseudocode of smooth transition between Third Person > First Person > Third Person

  • Added a little delay after shooting to avoid visual glitches
  • Update on weapon particles
  • Upgraded UE4 to 4.12.5
  • Various project cleanup
  • Smoothed camera transitions between left and right shoulders

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed crouch interacting badly with IK Bones
  • Fixed various reloading bugs
  • Fixed medicBot (erased unnecessary replications)